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30th May 2022

How To Overcome Your Phobia For Dentists

Having a fear of the dentists is actually more common than you might think, and it doesn’t just affect children. Adults of all ages can also experience a fear of the dentist, whether from past experience, unfamiliarity or due to an oral health concern. Today, our dentists at Tunbridge Wells are here to show you how to overcome your phobia, to make trips to the dentist less of a concern. After all, the health of our mouth, teeth and gums is just as important as the health of our body. 

1. Get familiar

We’ve already touched on unfamiliarity, because fear of the dentist is often down to too few visits or too large a gap between them. The more comfortable you are in the practice, the more you’ll feel at ease – meaning treatment is a breeze. You’ll also get to know the team; understand some of the tools and procedures used in treatments and check-ups; and know exactly where you’ll be seen and what the set-up is like.

2. Take a Friend

There’s strength in numbers, so if you’re feeling vulnerable or want someone to be there with you, we understand and can accommodate (covid willing). It’s perfectly normal to want a chaperone with you if you’re nervous about a treatment or needing something more than a quick check-up, and we’re happy to do this for you.  

3. Play Some Music

Wearing earphones and concentrating on something else – like music – helps take your mind off what’s happening. Our team are perfectly happy for you to put your head down! Of course, we’re also a friendly bunch and can talk to you throughout your treatment to ease nerves. If it helps, we can also explain what we’re looking at and what we’re doing, at the same time. We offer the opportunity to play music of your choice during your appointment along with a movie or TV show you can watch with the screen above you. 

4. Practice Deep Breathing

There are lots of ways to try and calm your body when you’re feeling stressed, nervous or anxious. One great tip is to breathe in deeply for a few seconds, then exhale gently for a few seconds. Again, thinking about something other than the situation can really help. If this doesn’t help, why not try the breathing exercise with something like a stress ball or fidget spinner, or try counting at the same time. 

Here at The Town House we have experience with nervous patients and offer a range of techniques to help make you more relaxed which you can read more here, along with sedation. 

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