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21st July 2022

How To Choose A Private Dentist

Our private dentists in Tunbridge Wells provide a wealth of treatments to patients in and around the area. But if you’ve yet to join our practice, and are looking into private dentists near you, then how do you go about choosing? Today, we’ll cover all that – and more – in our blog, helping you make the right choice about your dental care.

Why is dental care so important?

Before we get into who to choose and how we’ll talk about why you need to prioritise your dental health in the first place. Oral care is so important to the health of your mouth, teeth and gums in general, but also for your wider health. Concerns like dental infections and abscesses can spread to areas of the face and neck, and even elsewhere in the body. And with issues like gum disease, your mental wellbeing can be negatively affected. Staying on top of your dental health is easy and doesn’t have to be costly – but choosing the right private dentist can make all the difference. 

Feeling at ease 

There are lots to consider when choosing a private dentist. Whether you’re having same-day treatment or having a consultation for a later procedure, you’ll want to feel comfortable and confident about your care. A good private dentist will take the time to talk through your concerns, recommend appropriate treatments, detail your treatment process and follow up afterwards if needs be.

Range of treatments

It’s not just standard dental treatments that you should be concerned with. Private dentists can also offer cosmetic treatments such as invisible braces, composite bonding and teeth whitening. And, some may have a special interest in areas like implantology (dental implants) or endodontology (tooth root and pulp problems). It’s worth getting the full picture of what’s on offer, as it could save time and effort later on if you need a treatment that your private dentist doesn’t offer. 

Location, location, location 

We proudly serve Tunbridge Wells and have patients from in and around the area. The location shouldn’t be the first reason to pick a private dentist but does often factor into the decision-making process. We’ve helped patients from further afield too, who come to us because of our dentists, team and results. 


Lastly, patient reviews can tell a better story about a dental practice than a dentist can! Here, you’ll get an accurate idea of what the treatments (and processes) are like, as well as concerns from the professionalism of staff down to parking options. 

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