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Dental Fillings in Tunbridge Wells

Fillings are very common treatment at the Town House for our patients. Fillings have come a long way in both the aesthetics and how they are now delivered. White fillings have almost entirely replaced the old silver fillings, which means that most fillings are indistinguishable from your original tooth. At the Town House Dental Practice in Tunbridge Wells, our dentists have a gentle approach to dental fillings and provide a pain free* experience.


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White Fillings in Tunbridge Wells

Tooth-coloured fillings can offer a durable, aesthetically-pleasing solution to cavities and tooth decay. Also called white fillings or composite fillings, this common dental treatment involves the use of tooth-coloured resin material to fill cavities and crevices in order to provide strength, stability, and natural-looking results.

Replacing old filling in Tunbridge Wells

Replacing old filling can be easily done at the Town House. Silver filling contain mercury viewed by some as toxic. If you currently have silver fillings, we will be happy to replace them with the more natural looking tooth coloured fillings. This can be done whether your current silver filling has come to the end of its life or you simply want to have a more natural look.

If you’d like to find out more about white fillings at our dental practice in Tunbridge Wells, get in touch by calling 01892 616062 or by visiting our contact page.

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    “I cannot rate this place highly enough! Coming from someone who previously. I’ve now had multiple visits, and each time I leave feeling even more confident than before. The staff are so lovely and go above and beyond to help you and make sure you feel comfortable. Everything from my initial consultation, to my current ongoing work with Peter has been nothing but pleasant. It was also completely pain free! I now weirdly look forward to my dentist appointments. I can’t wait to continue my treatment and see my smile transformation!”

    Sarah Cozens

    “My experience over the last few years with them has been nothing but amazing! Everyone is so friendly and welcoming and make the patient experience excellent! My dentist Sally has been so great and always listens to what I’m looking for and gives me great advice and suggestions. Thank you so much for giving me such an amazing experience so far! X”

    Amy W

    “From the administration and reception staff, to the dental staff, everyone makes you feel welcome and comfortable. The clinical quality is excellent and the standards throughout are very impressive. Highly recommended!”

    Tim Stevens

    “This treatment has changed my life! I am happy to smile and talk without hiding my mouth. All the staff were excellent and made me feel relaxed at all times. Peter has truly transformed my smile.Many thanks to Peter and all his wonderful staff!”

    Alice Stevens

    “A total transformation! Never felt a thing, such a difference – I feel so much more confident. Why did I wait so long? A big Thank You to the friendly and supportive team!”

    Max Husher