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Dental implants

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Dental Implants in Tunbridge Wells

Dental implants offer patients the option to replace missing teeth with a natural alternative without having to change your lifestyle. Tooth implants are a great treatment option to replace one tooth or multiple teeth. Our experienced team at The Town House can advise you on the best options to help achieve your desired smile.

Dental implants in Tunbridge Wells can offer a solution to missing teeth or replacement of dentures. Frequent difficulties of dentures often include chewing and speaking, which can be improved with the use of dental implants as an alternative to dentures or help to stabilise dentures.


    Single tooth

    Total Cost: £2,040 For finance & monthly payments Click here

    0% Interest free over 24 months


    9.9% Interest bearing over 60 months


    Removable denture on two implants

    Total Cost: £5,400 For finance & monthly payments Click here

    0% Interest free over 24 months


    9.9% Interest bearing over 60 months


    All upper or lower teeth with fixed bridge

    Total Cost: £12,000 For finance & monthly payments Click here

    0% Interest free over 24 months


    9.9% Interest bearing over 60 months


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Replace missing teeth:

  • Replacement of single tooth From £2,040
  • 3 Teeth on 2 Implants £4,500

Stabilisation of denture

  • Removable denture on two implants £5,400
  • Removable denture on 4 implants £6,700

A ceramic full arch bridge:

  • All upper or lower teeth with fixed bridge £12,00
  • All upper and lower teeth with fixed bridge £20,000


To find out more about dental implants in Tunbridge Wells, get in touch with our expert team by calling 01892 616062 or take our free virtual consultation here.


Dental Implants Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are dental implants?

    Dental implants are artificial teeth that can replace single, multiple or all missing teeth. They’re made from a titanium root part and a ceramic crown part. Because the implants fuse to your jawbone, they provide great support for replacement teeth.

  2. How do dental implants work?

    The tooth implants are placed in two parts, with the root inserted first. Over time, as it heals, it ‘fuses’ with the underlying jaw bone. This provides a firm anchor point for the new tooth, which makes it strong and successful.

  3. How long do dental implants last?

    They could last a lifetime, but this depends on the patient caring for their teeth correctly and attending regular dental check-ups. Dental implants require the same level of care and attention as your natural teeth.

  4. What happens during a dental implant procedure?

    First, an anaesthetic is used to numb the area. Next, a small incision is made in the gum. Finally, the root implant is screwed into place. Once healed, the crown is fitted.

  5. Can dental implants fail?

    Tooth implants are highly successful in 98% of cases. A dental implant is strong and sturdy, so it both looks and acts the part. As long as you take good care of them, dental implants are safe, and can even have an overall improvement to your oral health.

  6. Are dental implants painful?

    The dental implant procedure involves local anaesthetic so you shouldn’t feel any pain during the procedure, though you may feel some slight discomfort during recovery, but this can be easily managed. We can offer some techniques to make the procedure more comfortable for you if you are feeling nervous.

  7. How long does a dental implant procedure take?

    The amount of time that a dental implant procedure takes varies from person to person. The tooth implant placement takes around 1-2 hours per tooth. It may take around 3-6 months to fully heal and you will be advised to avoid hard foods and take care when brushing your teeth implants for the first few weeks.

  8. Why is it important to replace missing teeth?

    It is very important to replace missing teeth, as it doesn’t just affect your confidence, but your health too. Having missing teeth can cause the following problems:

    • Wear and tear of other teeth, as chewing will put pressure on the other teeth and can make them more susceptible to damage.
    • Your surrounding teeth may begin to shift to fill the gaps in your teeth.
    • An increased risk of gum disease.
    • Bone reabsorption, which can lead to a weakened jaw.

    Dental implants in Tunbridge Wells are one of the best options for missing teeth.

  9. How do I care for my dental implants?

    Caring for dental implants is easy. Just like with your natural teeth, it’s important to brush your teeth thoroughly, floss and visit your dentist regularly. Taking good care of your tooth implants will help them last longer and prevent any problems with your dental health.

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    “5 stars from start to finish! I had both a tooth extraction and an implant placed and the whole experience was made to be as stress and pain free as possible. Delighted with the results and couldn’t ask for better treatment.”

    Rachel Venter

    “A regular patient I have always received great care and I believe good value. Currently part way through implant treatment I was initially a little daunted but have been really impressed with the care and treatment I have received.”

    Chris Wicks

    “I have been using this dental practice for 3 years now (formerly iTeeth). Karen the receptionist is very friendly and I have always received excellent treatment from dentist Sally Atkinson and hygienists Marcella and Theresa. The surgery has recently undergone a makeover and the reception area offers a very calming and relaxing place to wait. Very highly recommended”

    Linda Waters

    “I’ve been with Sally for many years and have always received excellent, professional care. I recently had a long phone conversation with Peter about a dental implant and was very impressed by the depth of information I received. I should mention that in the end he advised that I don’t have the treatment yet but adopt a watch and wait approach – so good not to be pressured into unnecessary treatment! I could not recommend the practice highly enough.”

    Yvonne Miles

    “I recently had an implant and would highly recommend The Town House dental practice. Peter and his team made me feel relaxed about the whole procedure. Discussing all options at great length, and was given a very good detailed Implant Treatment Plan information sheets for me to read at home. From tooth extraction to being fitted with temporary bridge I was in no pain. I needed bone substitute due to lack of insufficient bone for my Implant so the procedure required a little longer healing period, but with the temporary bridge in place this was not a problem for me. I am very pleased with my implant Peter takes great pride in his work the match was amazing. My thanks again to Peter and his team.”

    Jean Nightingale

    “I must say I have just finished my treatment for an implant in the front upper jaw, what an amazing colour match to my other teeth thank you. The team treated me first class informing me very step of the way. I had no pain was put at ease from the beginning. I would highly recommend The Townhouse Dental Practice.”