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Dental Implants

Dental Implants in Tunbridge Wells

Dental Implants in Tunbridge Wells at The Town House Dental Practice

Tooth implants in Tunbridge Wells offer patients the option to replace missing teeth with a natural alternative without having to change their lifestyle. Dental Implants are a great treatment option to replace one tooth, or multiple teeth and stabilise dentures or all your teeth (all on 4). Our experienced team at the Town House Dental Practice can advise you on the best options to help achieve your desired smile. You can upload a photo and get a customised video back from our dentist going over the best tooth implant options for you.

Bringing Your Smile to the Next Step with Computer-guided Technology

In computer-guided dental implant surgeries, a 3D cone-beam scan is used to perform a virtual surgery in which a 3D scan is overlaid on a patient’s mouth and the dentist performs a virtual and simulated procedure before proceeding with the actual one. A computer-generated surgical guide is created from the information gathered from the simulation to assist in the precise placement of the implants. This allows the dentist to do a trial run and master whatever steps are necessary to make the surgery a success.

Computer-guided dental implant surgery is helpful in cases where the margin of error is small and often leads to a more stress-free comfortable procedure. It’s also helpful in cases where there are little to no landmarks to help guide the orientation of the teeth.

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